Fact: Europeans Have Banned Flouride

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Flouride In WaterMany European countries have maintained the ban on and continue to question the merits of fluoride in your drinking water, which usually does not go through water filters for purity and safety.

“For over a half a century, the U.S. government has been telling the American public that fluoride is safe and beneficial,” says top natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola, who stresses that fluoride “is not the beneficial additive that it is purported to be.”

“What most Americans don’t realize is that many European countries are not as foolish, banning fluoride from their water supply many years ago,” he adds.

European Countries Say No to Fluoride
Among the European countries that have made a move against fluoride are as follows:

  • Belgium has banned from its market flouride supplements that are used to prevent tooth decay. It maintains that the excessive use of flouride not only increases osteoporosis risks, but could also damage the nervous system.
  • France and its regulatory agency for health products have suspended the sale of osteoporosis-treating products with flouride salts. According to it, the risk of fluorosis will appear in the long term, and that alternative treatments are available anyway.
  • Ireland plans to lower water fluoride levels, following the recommendation of a government-commissioned report.
  • United Kingdom scientists have called for further research on the health effects of fluoride in drinking water. 1.5-M in Britain drink naturally fluoridated water, while 5-M people in the same country receive water with artificially increased fluoride content.

Dr. Mercola Warns Against Fluoride, Too
Dr. John Lee, who passed away this year, was one of the leaders in helping us realize fluoride for cavity prevention is a myth, and a dangerous one at that,” Dr. Mercola says, suggesting that kids are highly likely not to acquire cavities if they are (1) weaned from breast milk onto raw milk, and (2) given a diet with less grains, sugars, fruit juices, and sodas.

Dr. Mercola then strongly warns against drinking fluoridated water. “Testing for tap water contaminants that can harm you and your family is one of the most crucial health steps you should take now,” he says.

Instead he recommends high-quality water filters, specifically one that uses reverse osmosis. ““It is the only water filter that is effective at removing the fluoride added to most municipal water supplies. I personally use this type of filter,” Dr. Mercola adds.

The health expert says that clean drinking water has always been a basic not only for survival, but also for healthy living. Given the dangers of fluoride and the water contaminants, you can avail yourself of a quality water filtration system to keep you and your family safe.

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