Clean Water: Vital to Your Health and Home

Water is essential to all forms of life. For us humans, it is not just any type of water that we require. What our body needs is clean, fresh drinking water for us to live.

Unfortunately, clean water that is rich in natural minerals is not that easy to find today. Many of our homes use water that is treated with chemicals and harmful substances. This is evident in the use of chlorine to kill bacteria found in water. Water supply companies even add fluoride as it is commonly thought to prevent tooth decay in some U.S. states.

Thus, we are often made to believe that water that has undergone chemical treatment is absolutely safe for us to drink. But what we are not aware of is that this kind of water may not be good for our health.

Toxins in Your Tap Water Could Be Hurting Your Health

Leading nutrition expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has been studying water filtration for years, believes that the tap water available in our homes may be the source of common health complications. The water from our faucets may taste fine, may appear colorless and odorless but what we can’t sense can hurt us and our family.

The reality is that the tap water we use at home may not be entirely free from toxins like disinfection byproducts (DBPs), arsenic, rocket fuel, discarded potent pharmaceutical drugs, bacteria, pesticides, and many more. Such toxins may have potential detrimental effects to your body’s cardiovascular, central nervous, respiratory, renal and immune systems.

What is also alarming is that the fluoride in tap water may also harm your health. Recent studies have revealed that fluoride may cause your body to suffer from these risks:

  • Make your bones brittle
  • Disrupt your immune system
  • Destroy your tooth enamel
  • Damage your cells
  • Speed up your aging process

A Good Home Water Filter System Is Your Solution

To help ensure that your family only drinks clean, safe and healthy water, Dr. Mercola recommends that the best option would be to use a high quality water filtration system in your home. This would help you remove the impurities and contaminants present in tap water.

A good home water filter system should be made of a durable, long-lasting filter that efficiently removes chemicals, toxins and organic contaminants. It should also provide a bacteriostatic environment that prevents bacteria from thriving in the system. These qualities are present in tools like the new Pure & Clear Water Filters, which you can use for various purposes in your home.

The Pure & Clear Water Filter Systems come in 4 different products:

Gain Access to Pure, Clear and Clean Water Now

Clean water that is free from toxins and contains natural minerals is necessary for your health and home. That is why it is important that you take action now while you can.

Simply accepting and drinking water straight from your faucets should not be your only resort. Keep in mind that you always choose and control the kind of water that goes through and touches your body. Use a high quality, safe water filter system to access clear and refreshing water in your own home.

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